​Kanku Karate Club teaches the art of Shotokan Karate and focuses on self-development and discipline through physical and mental improvement.  The invaluable skills learned and the training methods used provide a healthy outlet for releasing tension.  proper Karate training actually decreases aggressiveness while increasing focus and building a more positive self-belief.

Children in this program can also become more disciplined in other areas of their lives, at school and at home.  Similarly, adults can experience these benefits at home and at work.  Students feel better about theimselves and have more positive attitude towards life.

The training is both physically and mentally challenging, emphasizing focus and concentration, strength and flexibility, coordination and speed, control and timing of breath and body.  All of the classes provide a healthy and exciting way to help stay physically and mentally fit.
Philosophy and Training
​Karate is more than an art of self-defence.  The philosophy of the Kanku Karate Club reflects a commitment to a continual striving towards self-improvement.  This philosophy is best summerized in the Shotokan code of ethics, or Dojo Kun as laid down by the Okinawan Karate Master Sakugawa Kanga.  These rules are recited at the beginning of the training session by the senior ranked student and are repeated by the other students.

One, to strive for the perfection of chatacter. (Character)
Hitotsu, jinkaku kansei ni tsutomeru koto.

One, to defend the ways of truth. (Integrity)
Hitotsu, makoto no michi o mamoru koto.

One, to foster the spirit of effort. (Effort)
Hitotsu, doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto.

One, to honour the principles of etiquette. (Respect)
Hitotsu, reigi o omonzuru koto.

One, to guard against impetuous courage. (Self-Control)
Hitotsu, kekki no yu o imashimuru koto
​At Kanku Karate Club a strong emphasis is placed on teaching the original meanings and applications of the techniques and forms, as well as teaching more modern techniques and applications to deal with everyday real word threats.